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With over a decade of experience in the domain industry, and having developed numerous beneficial scripts and tools to streamline our work, we—a collective of domainers and developers—have chosen to impart our knowledge to other domainers. We're presenting a comprehensive solution that merges all the tools we've found most practical and beneficial in everyday domaining.

Domaining initially brings excitement, from assembling your first portfolio, learning the ropes, crafting your first homemade parking page, to beginning your experiments. However, the enjoyment tends to wane as you progress in your domaining career, and it morphs into more of a job—an intriguing one nonetheless. Tasks such as continuous DNS record management, portfolio updates, tracking price requests, and managing domain renewals can turn domaining into an overwhelming chaos.

To tackle this issue, we've designed our platform with the intention of facilitating domainers at every stage of their career to revel in the process, have ample tools to experiment with, gather all required data, save time, and yet maintain a professional parking service.

Our objective was to engineer a universal solution for domain parking that could work with all extensions, languages, and character sets, and would offer appropriate tools for every need and type of domain parking. Whether it's for sale, for ad revenue, or simply for registrars to advertise their services to newly registered customers, our platform serves them all. A key aim was to ensure the solution is easy to implement, manage, and use. We believe we have accomplished our goal.

Meet WildcardParking.com







The idea was floating in our heads for a while. We would sometimes discuss the tools we created and think about how it could benefit domainers and registrars, but we never saw it as a project. During a party near the end of 2014, with the help of our friend Jack Daniels, a decision was made and the project was born...



We are happy to annouce the initial launch of our website. We have yet to complete the testing of our main features and make sure everything is ready for our customers to enjoy. We welcome anyone who would be interested in helping us find the bugs, improve the tools and overall comment on any part or page of the website.
We'd love to hear your opinion. This site is for you, you should be the one enjoying it, not us!



Now our customers are able to use any of our new awesome templates. We've just released over 5 differently themed templates which will not only make the parking service better, but will also allow our users to perform a special kind of A/B testing and better understand the needs of their visitors. With that, we would also like to mention that every template includes a set of our great dynamic blocks, which turns a simple domain parking page into a unique website devoted to that specific domain and the keywords found in it. Enjoy and don't forget to send us your feedback!!!



This year we rolled out a wealth of new features with the goal of optimizing the user experience. Stats and report filters have both been improved, and you can now tailor accounts to your needs using them along with the other updated filters for the dashboard including Facebook chat, groups, emails, domains, keywords, and alerts. Domain grouping and bulk tools will make managing your larger portfolios a smooth experience, and Google Analytics tracking is now available for all domains.



Our users in need of more advanced features will be happy to hear that we had you in the forefront of our plans for this year. We now provide DNS control, email forwarding, and Affiliate accounts for all domains. New customizations are also available allowing you to set custom advertisements for each domain, custom pricing, and set up scheduled notifications and alerts. Insight into your portfolio has been expanded with the automatic collection of each domains registrar, nameservers, and expiration date. If you have any questions on how to use any features, there is now a dedicated account support page which will put you in direct contact with us.



We are excited to announce that Registrars will be able to sync up with our new WHMCS module! This will enable you to provide email forwarding and DNS to end users of your registrar. You can also set up white label nameservers (also known as vanity name servers) which allows you to set your nameserver to display as your hosted domain name like "ns1.YourDomain.com".





  • Added some new templates
  • Introduced wildcard features to free accounts