Promote and up-sell your services and educate your customers, with a tiny change.

It is basically required for every registrar from small to large to provide default name servers to their registrants for successful domain registration, in case the registrant does not provide it's own name servers.

Studies show that nearly 80% of newly registered domains are using default name servers provided by the registrar, and in most cases do not resolve to any page. Have your default name servers work for you and leave professional impression on every visitor.


No need to add or remove domains from your portfolio to park or unpark.

Use your branded name servers with all your domains and let Wildcard Parking automatically add and remove domains to your parking portfolio. You don't need to manually add or verify any domain, and as soon as your domain name servers are set, you can rest assured that the domain is parked. After very first visitor, the domain will automatically register in your account and start collect analytical data. Whenever a domain is expired, sold, or simply removed from parking name servers, it will get old and go to the very bottom of the list, and disappear in time.


Different clients, different requirements, one solution. Wildcard Parking

Being a domain broker means working with many clients, each with their own requirements and imaginations about their domain portfolio. Now you can provide unique approach to each customer and their domain portfolio, collect and show the data more related to clients needs, show multiple templates for each domain, provide the option for clients to advertise their own products and services on their own domain parking.


Direct access to portfolios offering direct advertisement to their visitors!

We've decided to provide a unique opportunity to our advertisers and customers by directly connecting them. We will have a special list of customers profiles with direct advertising blocks enabled, and will let our advertisers to find them and show ads to their visitors. We love experimenting and we try to create no-middle-man solutions for our users and partners. Enjoy.


Own a service or content which you think might benefit our customers? Let us know!

Our goal is to provide all possible useful tools, services, content or products for any kind of parking needs to our users, and no matter how good we are, it is not easy to create everything alone, and not necessary when there are so many great partners as the ones we already have. If you think you have something worth turning into a block, let's discuss. There are may ways you can benefit from this partnership, as well as our users and their visitors. So please, contact us today, and lets discuss the future!


Header is the most viewed part of any web page. It is the place to present the information which is most valuable to the visitor. Since all our templates are made for domain parking purposes, we have carefully designed our header blocks to allow domain sellers, brokers and registrars to choose the exact content they need for their purpose.

We put you in charge. Our users are able to decided if they want the header to show domain name only, or include random slogans and icons for the name, turning the domain name together with an icon and slogan in to an image logo, an actual .png file. This will leave an impression of unique page specially developed for the domain. All slogans and icons are chosen from our database full of industry related items or items related to keywords found in domain name.


As mentioned many times, our goal is to provide the easiest domain parking service possible, and as every domainer knows, there are times when we need to put a domain on an auction or even on sale and sometimes even on more than just one place.

Our domain specific alerts and notifications(DSAN) is just the perfect tool for that. You can activate this feature with one click from inside your account to create a sticky notification bar for any chosen domain name from your portfolio parked with us. The notification will open at the very top of the page and will always stay there to make sure the visitors see it. You are able to write any message and include links to external websites where your domain is currently being auctioned or sold, without having to unpark or point your domain anywhere else. You are also able to set start and end dates for the notifications.


This block is created to provide as much details about the visited domain as possible, starting with just the number of characters in the domain and ending with info like Google & Alexa ranks. This dynamic information is automatically created for each domain every time someone visits it.

Domainers: This helps the visitor to quickly understand the value of the domain as it is, and saves a lot of time for both sides avoiding unnecessary emails and low offers. It can also answer a lot of questions for the interested party.

Registrars: By displaying this information on every unused domain of your customers, you are not only providing your customers with great information which they might have not even known before, but also it works as a measurement tool for them to understand how valuable their domain is, and as a reminder to renew when the domain goes close to it's expiration.


Our analytic blocks can show total hits or total requests or total unique visitors for a particular domain or for the whole portfolio, on each page. This depends on what you wish to provide this info for. You can use a block that shows your own Google Analytics information, Live analytics or use our own analytics solution to show data on your pages.

Domainers: If your domains get a lot of hits and you wish to share this to every visitor, this is the way to do it. You can show total visits from full portfolio in order to attract more direct advertisers for your pages.(see domain ad cloud block or direct ad blocks)

Registrars: Help your customers see how many visitors their future business missed out on, this will help with selling hosting accounts and putting the domain to use. This can even improve the number of renewals in the long run.


Keyword blocks tell your visitors how search engines see your domain, what words they find it in, and how popular each keyword combination is, along with each separate keyword popularity. Our profanity filter will make sure no keyword you wouldn't wanna show up on your pages passes through. With multi word domains there are cases when keywords are born which have nothing to do with the actual meaning or intention of the domain name. This is why we make sure the final keyword are safe and clean.

The block will also show related keywords, these keywords will serve two purposes. One is to help with creating more accurate content, and to give the visitors more understanding on domain usage.

Domainers: Use this block to educate the buyers about your domain names directly from their parking page.


This block is created with registrars in mind. Many registrants don't realize that nowdays there are many great sounding extensions available, and this is one of the best way of teaching them about other available extensions they can own with the same domain name they just purchased.

Registrars:When activating this block, you can choose to show only those extensions which are supported by your system. When customers visit their newly purchased domain, they will see the available list of their domain name with other supported extensions and pricing. Customers will be able to directly click and visit the registration page of the registrar.

This is one of the best ways of upsell, even after the customer completed their initial order.

Domainers: This might not seem like a good block for your parking pages, however some domainers are activating this block to show the visitor how popular the name is and how few, if any, extensions are left available with that name.


If Average Session Duration is something you care about, you want your visitors to stay on your pages as long as possible. These blocks are mainly created for that purpose. The collected direct and related keywords from your domain are used to gather news from many website or an album of images related to the domain name visited. This will have to make visitors stay longer on the page and check out the images or read related news.

Even though blocks like this one are not truly a key player in domain parking, they do however create extra related content making the page overall more unique and different from each other.


Have a service or product you wish to promote? This is the block for you. Using one of our promotional blocks you can describe your service or product and make it visible to every visitor. In the future we plan to implement a feature which will allow you to choose and show different services or products for different category domains.

Registrars: Show your current promotions, sales or any eye catching offer to your direct customers or to their visitors. Use this block to describe the next step after domain registration.

Domainers: Describe your brokerage acquisition services, or anything else you want your visitors to know about you or your company.


This one is absolutely self explanatory. Pricing tables. For any range of products or services. A parking page visitor usually expects to see a website and not an half empty page with ad links only, and as any other visitor of a website that might have something for sale, the visitor expects to find pricing. If you have competitive pricing on whatever you offer, you want them to know about it, so showing pricing on the very first page that pops up in front of the visitor can be a very useful step. The visitor will understand that it's a parking page, but they will also notice and remember your pricing for services offered.

Regisrars: Show off your hosting packages, your domain pricing, servers, ssl or any other services you might offer on your website.

Domainers: Use the pricing table to find short domain sellers, show the visitors how much you're willing to pay for 4 number domain, or 3 letter domains. Believe it or not, this method helps many domainers even today.


Advertising: One of the main reasons why domain parking even exists. Showing ads and expect earnings are one of very few reasons for domain owner to park the domain. Why be limited to only indirect advertising if you could have the option of both?

Direct: Having a direct advertiser is sometimes better than hopping for clicks and relying on CPC earnings, and if that's what you're in to, we have a block for that too. If you have domains in a specific niche which might not bring much money using cpc, and you might directly find a sponsor for your pages which will bring you more earnings and better results for them.

Indirect: Use your own Google Adsense account, or any other ad provider of your choice, each page is full of unique domain related content so even cpc advertising shouldn't have problems finding good ads for your pages. All you need to do is copy and paste your ad code and you're done.


If you wish to make your parking page look cool and be interactive, we also offer domain cloud blocks. There are few different type of domain clouds to consider. Mainly they are divided to two categories, Visited Domains clouds and Advertised Domains clouds.

Visited Domians Cloud: These type of clouds will show domain names from your portfolio which have been recently visited. The font size indicates the popularity of the domain(most visits), and the color darkness will represent latest visits, in many case both go together since the most popular domains are usually in the latest list also.

Advertised Domains: This block could be included in advertisement blocks, since this is another method of direct advertising. You can allow your visitors to advertise their own domains on your parking pages. Yes it's basically the competition in some way, but they are paying the amount you set for yearly or monthly display of their domain. Font size represents the amount paid for the domain, and transparency represents domains ads closer to expiration.


As anything in the internet, nowdays explanations and presentations are more understandable and acceptable by the user if they are done using video. People don't have much time anymore to read text, they prefer to push the button and listen to or watch a video demonstration of whatever the product or service might be. In fact we're not even sure if you're reading this text. If you are, you're an old fashioned, but we respect you for that ;)

This block allows putting up a video file, a link from Youtube or Vimeo to show anything you might find useful for your visitors. Heck, you can even play an advertisement on this block, as long at it brings happiness to you, we have no problem at all.

Most useful cases: Show your company's advertisement, or any other video you might have that shows off your services or products. For hosting companies this might be a good place to put up a video showing their datacenter, or the office staff, or even a holiday party video. It's all up to you!


This is the thing of today. And believe it or not, every visitor has an account at one or the other social network, and what they know best is how to comment. So if you wish to hear directly from people who were interested enough in your domain to type the whole thing in the browser and even press Enter, this block might do the job.
We support most popular social media accounts, and allow your visitors to post a comment using their favorite social media.

Main reason we decided to create this block is to have another method of spreading the word about your domain, since in most cases the users allow their comments to show up on social media account wall, and expose their comment to their friends list, attracting more attention to your domain. Plus you get to collect direct contact information on every interested person.


If you think your users might have similar questions about how to reach you, or what to expect when they send a price request, the best way to go is an FAQ block. You can specify any question and any answer you wish in this block and create as many question as you desire. Other than satisfaction from finding the right answer for your visitors this block also extends the Average Session Time, which is an important factor for any page on the net.

Domainers: Any domain sale or purchase begins with a number of extremely typical questions, which only waste time answering, and because of that many domainers don't even reply to those emails, and sometimes a real buyer goes by from simply not receiving any reply back. Not every buyer is a pro, and they can simply not know the rules. This is where they can learn about it, if they are truly interested.

Registrars: Any new domain owner is usually full of questions like: What do I do next?, Where do I put my site?, What are my logins?, When will my domain be active?... etc. What better way to make the user notice all the pre-made answers to their questions, than showing it on their own domain?


If you simply want to show off your domain portfolio in a specific order or just a specific selected list of premium domains instead of every domain you own, this block is what you need.
This list will not change in size, format or order, no matter what template you use it for or which domain is visited or what number of times. This is simply a list of domains which you want the visitors to see and be able to send a request for.

Domainers: Show a specific list of domains which you want to promote most.

Registrars: If you have any type of list of domains, this block may be an option. Maybe it's a list of recently expired domains you wish to promote, or your own domains for sale.


This block represents the same list as mentioned in the domain cloud block, with the difference of the looks. If you do not wish to have your recently visited domains be shown in a cloud form, this would be the block to choose for that. As far as the benefits go, as already mentioned in the cloud block description this block gives the visitor an opportunity to explore the domains in your portfolio, and recognize the most popular ones and recently visited ones.

Registrars: This block will simply show a limited list of latest visits from the whole portfolio of unused domains. If this is something you wish to share with your customers and help promote some other domains by creating a referral chain between parked domains of your customers this is the way to go.

Domainers: If you have multiple domain per subject, this is a truly great way of letting your visitors to find out about them and choose the one that fits them best, before they even send you the first email request.


Of course most of the blocks we offer here do not work alone, and it wouldn't make sense adding them all to your page and overkill the loading time. These blocks should be chosen to work together, and if the parking page is not only parking the domain but also promoting a service or product, having a newsletter subscription box is almost a must.

Registrars: Allow the domain owner to sing up for your newsletters, promotional emails, and anything else you might be offering via email notifications.

Domainers: Have your visitors sign up to receive news and updates about your domain portfolio, about your recent sales or purchases. There are many buyers, domainers, brokers and simply people in the industry who'd really be interested in such information. And it will only help you sell, promote and advertise your domains and services.


What else brings more country specific direct advertisers other than information about visitors per country. That is what this block was made for. To give your potential advertisers true analytics on country specific visits to your portfolio. More information about your visitors helps your advertisers make easier decision and raises the desire to pay more for your traffic, so why not keep them happy and make more money at the same time?

This block is mostly recommended for domainers.


It is always a good idea to show your visitors your knowledge about your own domains. With this block every domain will get a detailed description, history and information about it's extension. The visitors will learn what the extension is about, when it was created, how many domains are registered under that extension, how else people interpret the extension, especially if it's a country code extension, and much more...

Registrars: Provide more information about the extension and the reasons why your domain makes more sense for the potential buyer. The buyers will reveal all angles of the extension and will definitely not miss the reason and the point of your view for registering the domain.

Domainers: Educate your customers on their choice, help them understand how else they can use the domain with the extension which they purchased it in, give more information about popularity of the extension. This block can be accompanied with suggested available extensions block, to bring more sales from returning customers


This block is also self explanatory. Every parking page needs a contact form, this is a must have block for every domainer.
Our wide range of contact form designs will let you choose any contact form you feel more comfortable with. Decide what type of info you wish to collect, and what is the minimum buying offer you're willing to consider. When choosing the contact block, simply mention your email address in the settings, and you'll start receiving your offers immediately.

Our contact forms come with pre-written buy offer with a minimum amount to consider included in the message, for every single domain. So when a potential buyer want's to send you an offer on any domain, all they need to do is enter their contact info and click a button, the message box comes with pre-loaded message such as "I would like to offer $1000 for"


We realize this is a lot of information, and a totally new approach to domain parking, so we gathered a number of basic questions our customers usually ask us and want to share the answers with you. If you do not find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

These blocks are made available in our template builder, to which you will get access only after signing up for our services.

No. We have much more blocks and designs available in our builder, and it is growing everyday, some get removed, and many get added to our block database. Shown here are only few of each type of blocks.

Yes and No. Some blocks, mostly headers, allow users to upload their own background, but in order to keep the design clean and professional we had to restrict custom backgrounds on most of our blocks.

No. There is no way to create a new block from scratch using builder, but if there is something you want done to your template, you can always contact us and most likely we can take care of that for you either for free or for a very affordable price, depending on work scope.

If you have an idea for a new block that you think will benefit not only you but also other domainers or registrars, you are more than welcome to send us your idea and we will most likely create it for free and make it available for you and other customers to use.

Other than templates you can build yourself with our blocks, we also offer a wide range of complete templates which come in many different forms and formats. All of our templates can be found here.