Our First Blog Post!

We've been giving some thoughts on what should our first blog post be about, and we've decided to make this post an introduction to wild card domain parking... duh...

If you are reading this post, you probably are a domainer or at least know enough about domains to get here, otherwise our marketing department is in trouble. So, with great hopes that our marketing department knows what they're doing, we'll get straight to the point... You are probably very familiar with that feeling when you register a new domain, you're all happy about it, and then you remember that you want it to resolve, to point somewhere, and hopefully somewhere useful, somewhere, where you can tell your visitors about your domain or at least show some ads. But then you remember that to make it happen you have to get a hosting account, or at least create a DNS record in your current hosting account, and create a page for it, if you don't already have one similar looking page for all your parked domains.

A standard parking service is always an option, and in some cases it may even be the best option, if you don't believe that domains you own are worth anything, and if so, why did you even get them in the first place?! And even with standard parking you are still required to not only create a record about your domain but also verify ownership over your domain, which again is a hassle most domain buyers are trying to avoid.

So this is where we come in!

With WildcardParking.com you don't have to do any of that, but you can if you want to. We keep your options open and provide many great tools for working with your domains in case you want to get all geeky about it.

Wildcard Parking will automatically register any domain or subdomain pointed your parking account using your unique name servers. So in order to park a domain, all you need to do is assign your nameservers to any domain in any extension, even if it is during a new registration, and we'll do the rest.

Next step

Your chosen template will automatically open for your newly pointed/registered domain and will also include the domain name as logo looking header text, together with dynamically calculated information, creating a unique page for each domain and allowing the visitors to easily get more info about the domain of their interest. Depending on the template the dynamically calculated information may include:

  • Length of the domain name
  • Age of the domain name
  • Days left to expire
  • Alexa/Similarweb rank
  • Unique visitors within last 30 days
  • Unique visits within last 30 days
  • Requests within last 30 days
  • Number of keywords found in the domain


We use the keywords found in the domain to calculate the approximate value of the domain, also to pull domain related content, thus making the advertisement more targeted to your domain. Many templates also present a report for each keyword, showing keyword average monthly search and popularity. This information is useful not only to the visitor who might be interested in the domain, but also to the domain owner, since in many cases domain owners don't even realize what jewel they found.

In conclusion

The main goal here at WildcardParking is to make domain parking and followup absolutely painless, so no matter how many tools, reports, features, templates and options we present and make available to our customers, you should always remember that the main feature of WildcardParking is no hassle parking.