Self-vs-Valet or Standard-vs-Wildcard

Why do you prefer valet parking over self parking during an important event?

The answer is simple: Convenience and Time!

Believe it or not but same applies to domain parking, when it comes more important goals. If you are after something far more valuable than just the cost of domain(s), time becomes very valuable and having a convenient way of saving time is a great option even if it costs a little more. That said, parking with WildcardParking doesn't even cost more, it is FREE to park. In other words it's a free valet parking.

As an example, not long ago Uniregistry was offering .XYZ domain registrations for $0.01 per domain. As domainers we couldn't have passed on this great opportunity and ended up registering hundreds of domain names. If was was to be parked manually we'd probably never get to it by the end of their expiration date, which is what happens with most of domains purchased for parking or even reselling purposes. Since we already had our wildcard parking setup and our default name servers were already set, all we had to do was register the domains, and as soon as they became active, they were already opening a unique parking page for each domain, with statistical information about the domain, visitor information, keyword information and a pre-filled contact form with the domain name in question. Easy as that!

Here is a short list of some of those domains to check yourselves:

They all use the same set of name servers pointing to the same server. This is the beauty of wildcard parking.

So to put it in few words, here are the steps:

Standard/Self Parking

For new domains

  1. Register the domain
  2. Change the name servers to the parking provider name servers
  3. Log in to your parking provider
  4. Manually add every single registered domain to your parking account
  5. Choose settings for each domain
  6. Confirm and save

For sold or expired domains

  1. Log back into your parking provider (if you still remember the password)
  2. Find the domain you no longer need
  3. Delete the domain
  4. Confirm the deletion process

Wildcard/Valet Parking

For new domains

  1. Register the domain
  2. Change name servers to your own default ones (unless they are set as default, then you're done at step 1)

For sold or expired domains


Domains that are no longer pointing to your parking account will automatically remove themselves from your lists with time. There is no need to do anything in order to keep your list clean.

That said you can also log into your account and delete or add domains manually any time you wish.

Join us! Try it yourself!